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💰 Denver strikes back


Well the Denver Nuggets have come back from losing 2 straight at home to be up 3-2 in the series? Whoever bet on that, I tip my hat to you. I don’t think one talking head was able to predict that.

So now that we’re in the mix, make sure you’re all set up with our special offers.

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So what are we betting on this week?

The NBA Playoffs roll on, the Stanley Cup Playoffs (NHL) are in full swing, and English Premier League matches.

We’ll give you parlays and picks for all of them.

Let’s get your bets in on these other games:

  • NBA Playoff Matchups & Parlays

  • Stanley Cup Playoffs Matchups & Parlays

  • English Premier League Games

NBA Playoff Matchups

We have OKC & Dallas at 2-2, and Denver & Minnesota is a close series as well.

We haven’t seen this level of parity in the NBA in a while. Which makes betting these games all the more interesting.

But we will find value for you here.

Here are the games and odds tonight:

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics
🕖 Time: 7:00 PM ET
Spread: Cavs +15.5 (-110) | Celtics -15.5 (-110)
Moneyline: Cavs +800 | Celtics -1600
Total Points: Over 205.5 (-110) | Under 205.5 (-110)
Series: Celtics lead 3-1

Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
🕖 Time: 9:30 PM ET
Spread: Mavs +4.0 (-110) | Thunder -4.0 (-110)
Moneyline: Mavs +145 | Thunder -170
Total Points: Over 212.5 (-115) | Under 212.5 (-105)
Series: Tied 2-2

Ok, now let’s see what we have for you in terms of solid bets:

Parlay 1: The Favorites' Strength

  • Boston Celtics to win (-1600): Given that Boston leads the series 3-1, they have a strong momentum and home-court advantage.

  • Under 205.5 points in Cavaliers vs. Celtics (-110): With Boston likely dictating the pace and having a strong defensive showing, the game could stay under the total.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder to win (-170): The series is tied, but playing at home could give the Thunder the edge they need.

Parlay 2: The Riskier Play

  • Cleveland Cavaliers +15.5 (-110): Betting on Cleveland to cover the spread. Even if they lose, keeping the game within 15 points seems plausible.

  • Over 212.5 points in Mavericks vs. Thunder (-115): Expecting a high-scoring affair as both teams fight hard to gain an advantage in a tied series.

  • Dallas Mavericks to win (+145): Betting on an upset in a tightly contested series can be risky but offers a higher payout.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing as well. Here are the upcoming games and the current lines:

NHL Playoff Betting Odds

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Colorado Avalanche vs. Dallas Stars
🕖 Time: 8:08 PM ET
Spread: Avalanche +1.5 (-200) | Stars -1.5 (+170)
Moneyline: Avalanche +122 | Stars -142
Total Goals: Over 6.5 (+102) | Under 6.5 (-122)
Series: Game 5 - Stars lead 3-1

Thursday, May 16, 2024

New York Rangers vs. Carolina Hurricanes
🕖 Time: 7:08 PM ET
Spread: Rangers +1.5 (-190) | Hurricanes -1.5 (+163)
Moneyline: Rangers +142 | Hurricanes -168
Total Goals: Over 5.5 (+105) | Under 5.5 (-125)
Here are some parlays for you to sink your teeth into:

Parlay 1: Riding the Favorites

  • Dallas Stars to win (-142): Considering the Stars lead the series 3-1, they have the momentum and are playing at home, making them the favorites to close out the series.

  • Under 6.5 goals in Avalanche vs. Stars (-122): With the stakes high and potentially tighter defensive play in a clinching game, expecting fewer goals could be a reasonable bet.

  • Carolina Hurricanes to win (-168): The Hurricanes playing at home with the need to assert dominance could drive them to a victory.

Parlay 2: Looking for Value

  • Colorado Avalanche +1.5 (-200): Betting on the Avalanche to at least keep the game close, if not win, provides a safety net in a do-or-die game.

  • Over 5.5 goals in Rangers vs. Hurricanes (+105): Anticipating a high-scoring affair as both teams have potent offenses and might engage in an aggressive game.

  • New York Rangers to win (+142): Opting for an upset here, the Rangers might pull off a win with their backs against the wall in a crucial game.

English Premier League

English Premier League also has awesome matchups and today is no different. Here are some bets for you on this Wednesday.

First, the odds:

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Chelsea
🕝 Time: 2:45 PM ET
Asian Handicap: Brighton 0, +0.5 (+102) | Chelsea 0, -0.5 (-122)
Moneyline: Brighton +220 | Chelsea +105 | Draw +300
Total Goals: Over 3.5 (+102) | Under 3.5 (-122)

Manchester United vs. Newcastle United
🕝 Time: 3:00 PM ET
Asian Handicap: Man Utd 0.0 (+105) | Newcastle 0.0 (-125)
Moneyline: Man Utd +165 | Newcastle +135 | Draw +310
Total Goals: Over 3.5 (-112) | Under 3.5 (-108)

Here are three possible parlays you can throw down while you watch the action:

Parlay 1: Favoring the Underdogs

  • Brighton & Hove Albion to win (+220): Given their home advantage and potentially underestimated form, Brighton could provide value by upsetting Chelsea.

  • Under 3.5 goals in Brighton vs. Chelsea (-122): Both teams have solid defenses, and tighter, cautious play could limit the number of goals.

  • Newcastle United to win (+135): Newcastle has shown consistency and could exploit any fatigue or lack of focus in the Manchester United squad.

Parlay 2: Backing the Favorites

  • Chelsea to win (+105): Chelsea's depth and quality could see them take all three points against Brighton.

  • Over 3.5 goals in Manchester United vs. Newcastle (-112): Expecting an open game with both teams finding the net multiple times.

  • Manchester United vs. Newcastle to draw (+310): Given the competitive nature of both teams, a draw is plausible, particularly if Newcastle resists United's offensive.

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